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About Lili Giacobino

"As long as I can create with my hands, I am happy."
1980                Born in St-Etienne, France
1983                 Moved to Lausanne, Switzerland
2000               International Baccalaureate, Geneva, CH
2002 - 2005    BA in Social Work ( HES, S2), Lausanne, CH
2005 - 2008    Worked as social educator for Psychoterapeutic                                     Center, Childhood hospital, Lausanne, CH
2005 - 2008    Creation of  Les meubles de Laure
                        recycled cardboard furniture company, Lausanne, CH
2008                Moved to Kingston Upon Thames, UK
2008 - 2011     BA in Product & Furniture Design, 
                        First Class Honours, Kingston, UK 
2011 - 2013      Creation of Lili Design Ltd, bioplastic jewellery, UK
2013 - 2019
     Property Development around Kingston Upon Thames

Lili's other websites

Costume and props making
Product and Furniture Design
2004 - 2012
Bioplastic Jewellery
2011 - 2013
lili giacobino, property developer

Nature is my main inspiration. I have grown up in the beautiful country of Switzerland and for most my life I have been surrounded by stunning mountains, trees, lakes and beautiful forests. I have spent many afternoons in the garden, arranging leaves by colour and constructing treehouses (or trying to).... 
Later on, I discovered photography and started to travel extensively in Australia, New Zealand, Nepal, Thailand and Ireland. The splendours of nature I was lucky enough to witness throughout these trips still inspires me today. 

Not only can nature be a beautiful example of aesthetic shapes and stunning designs, but as a whole system, it is fascinating and boundless. I choose to work mainly with sustainable materials, which appeals to me because of my desire to create using eco-responsible products.

I worked with recycled cardboard for 4 years, creating curvaceous and colourful unique pieces of furniture. From small cabinets to large 2m high x 2.5m shelves, I had fun experimenting with this (much too often) under-estimated material.

I came to the UK 10 years ago to complete a BA degree in Product & Furniture Design at Kingston University. During my third year, I was trying to find a material which could replace plastic and spent months in my kitchen experimenting and developed my own bioplastic, made from natural and edible ingredients. Over the next 3 years I created an entire range of bioplastic jewellery, all biodegradable and skin friendly.

In 2012 I fell in love with an old Victorian house which took me a year to renovate. I learned plumbing, carpentry, tiling, plastering and discovered the joy of smashing down walls with a sledge hammer. This was the beginning of a new chapter: designing on a much larger scale and transforming an entire house. Once my personal home was finished I was delighted, but had so many more design ideas that I wanted to bring alive. So I transformed another house, then another house...

Past exhibitions

CH ( photography and furniture)


2000, Païdos Association, Geneva : photography of Dominican republic kids
2001, Car'Art, Crissier : travel photography ; Australia, New-Zealand, Ireland
2002, L'Aristo , Verbier: creations with photography
2002, Festival « le Merveilleux », Vevey : creations with photography 
2003, Car'Art , Crissier : creations with photography
2006, Paléo Festival, Nyon : furniture 
2006, Earth Festival, Lausanne : furniture
2006 and 2007, Escobar, Lausanne : furniture
2007, Unicréa, Château de Penthes, Geneva: furniture
2007, Craftmen’s summer quarters, Lausanne, furniture
2007, Créativa, Beaulieu, Lausanne : furniture

UK ( bioplastic jewellery)


2011, The London Green Fair
2011, Foodies Festival, London & Oxford
2011, London Design Festival, Shoreditch Town Hall
2011, Green Growth Business Bootcamps, Kingston
2011, Source Expo : Ethical Fashion Forum, Sadlers Wells
2011, Jewel East, Old Spitalfield market
2012, Top Drawer, Earl’s Court
2012, Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch, NEC, Birmingham
2012, British Craft Trade Fair, Harrogate
2012, Treasure, Somerset House, 2012IJL, Earl’s Court
2012, Future of Eating, Dana Center, Science Museum

lili giacobino, property developer
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